As a non-profit organization dedicated to educating others about stained and decorative glass, the American Glass Guild depends entirely on the generosity of its volunteers.  We have no paid staff! It takes many hands to carry out the planning, implementation and communication of events and activities that may be of interest to you.  Perhaps its time for you to get more involved!  As we all know, many hands makes for light work!  Please consider volunteering some of your valuable time to the AGG.  We need whatever skills you can bring to the table:

Tom Krepcio

Are you good at connecting with others?  Comfortable with social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc?  Are you a writer?  The Marketing & Communications Committee could use your help! They keep us all in the know and help spread the word about our conference, workshops, members-in-the-news and other events of interest to all of us.

Do you have a network of friends & associates within the glass or arts communities?  Do you know how to write grants?  The Sponsorship Committee is always looking for ways to increase the ranks of our supporters! We need people who can reach out to vendors, academia and other organizations to garner support and connect a network of like-minded people.

Are you a well-organized business person or someone who’s simply comfortable with numbers and record-keeping?  The Finance Committee helps keep track of all our expenses and is always looking for assistance with various tasks. Our Membership Committee keeps track of our member information. And our Scholarship Committee processes our yearly scholarship applications and makes decisions about how these monies are dispersed.

Are you handy with a camera, video recording or other audiovisual equipment? Do you know Photoshop? We need people who can wield a camera or otherwise make sure we have a visual record of our proceedings, including all the fun and comeraderie! We need people who are handy with AV equipment to ensure that all goes smoothly our conference.  And of course, we are always looking for quality video footage to post on our YouTube channel!

Do you have experience with gallery installations or museum presentation?  The organizers of our annual American Glass Now juried exhibition always needs help in preparing for our exhibit at the American Glass Guild Conference.  We need not only experienced jurors, but people to manage, design, build and install this exhibit each year. We also do occasional public demonstrations and history of stained glass exhibitions.  We could use your help!

Do you have teaching experience or have you been involved in research, art & design, or conservation/restoration projects that would be of interest to members of the American Glass Guild?  Do you have valuable business experience that could benefit others? If so, why not consider submitting your proposal to make a presentation, or demonstrate your technique, at our next conference.  Check our Calendar for the Call for Papers deadline each year.

Are you a visionary?  Do you have great ideas about how we can advance people’s knowledge and understanding about architectural glass, stained or leaded glass, etched glass, glass mosaics and other forms of decorative art using glass as a medium?  We need people with great ideas! We need people who have ideas about how to educate and connect with others — whether its the people in your neighborhood or city, art collectors and gallerists, your faith community, or the decision-makers in architecture who might never consider a decorative glass installation unless they know what’s possible from creative people like you!

Are you simply someone who gets satisfaction from lending a helping hand?  Whatever your skills, we can put you to work helping out as a volunteer.  Ask what you can do!


We urge you to get involved with the American Glass Guild in any way you can!  Please contact us or one of our directors or committee chairs to volunteer your time and skills!