Tony Glander

Board of Directors 2014- present
Vice President,  2015-present
Conference Chair, 2015 Washington DC

GLANDER-tony-headshot-lowresTony Glander started working in stained glass in 1989. It didn’t take long for him to become totally hooked on making beautiful art works in colored glass. In 1990 he purchased a stained glass studio, Glass Fantasies in Gaithersburg, MD. “I love every technique from cold glass to hot glass, from

Wanting to further expand the quality of his work, Tony added silk screening to his many skills. “I never really cared for faces done in stained glass so one day I had a brainstorm – use a silk screened photo on the glass.” He tried using a picture of his wife and the results were simply stunning. “After that piece, I was hooked on using screen printing anytime I could. Although I have created a lot of really nice pieces, my best works of art are my young children Maya and Lucas.”

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