Patrice Schelkun

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Patrice Heinz Schelkun is an artist/designer and owner of Schelkun Studio Arts, LLC in Bucks County, PA.  Her background as a decorative painter and muralist, combined with an interest in church decoration and sacred art led to her most recent work in the medium of stained glass.  She has designed, painted and fabricated commissions for a number of churches and other architectural spaces in the Philadelphia area, Chicago, New York and Florida.  Her non-commissioned work has been exhibited in gallery shows and exhibitions, including the American Glass Guild’s juried exhibitions.  She joined the Board of the AGG in 2013 after serving as Auction Chair at the 2013 Conference.  She served as President of the Board of Directors of the AGG from 2014-2016.

President, American Glass Guild (2014-2016)

Churchville, PA