Conference Workshops – 2018

“The Audition” by Indre McGraw

2018 AGG Workshops


Thursday, June 21

Sasha Zhitneva: Fused Glass as a Painterly Medium

Full Day $275.00 Materials Fee: $25.00.,

Fusing is both an art and a science, and in this class, we’ll explore both. Participants will learn how to use viscosity, weight distribution, chemistry between certain colors to create various watercolor effects, shape organic lines, build gentle gradations and achieve other painterly effects – all by the means of fusing.

Sasha Zhitneva is an award-winning designer and artist. She studied in Russia, Spain and in the United States. Her work has been exhibited in SOFA expositions in Chicago, Palm Beach, and New York, and in numerous solo and group shows in the United States and overseas. Primarily known for her “signature style” abstract fused panels, she has amassed a diverse body of work that ranges from stained glass and mosaic to an exquisite line of kiln-formed jewelry. Aside from her gallery artwork, she has also completed a number of architectural and lighting installations in both stained glass and kiln-formed glass.

Lately, her work extended into a realm of other media, namely discarded plastic. Driven by the urge to respond to social, cultural, and environmental issues she feels passionate about, she created works on both large and intimate scale.

Maximum Class Size: 8

Minimum Class Size: 2


Mike DePille: Mold Making for Kiln Casting.

Full Day $275.00, Materials Fee $35.00

This one day workshop will cover the basics of open face glass casting.  Students will get a hands on experience on how to create and prepare a model,  then mix and pour a mold to take home. Learn more about the use of frits, cut pieces, inclusions and casting billets. We’ll use Castalot- a unique casting material that is re firable. These techniques can help create exciting new directions for your current work or future projects. Michael will demo how to pack a mold and design firing schedule. There will be discussions on other casting methods, and procedures for duplication of original models. Michael has a friendly, informative teaching style and will address your personal projects as well.  Don’t forget about the killer slide show!

Seattle resident Michael Dupille has worked in art his entire career as both creator and educator.  Experienced in a variety of media including animation, illustration, print, and textile design, he continues to challenge himself through invention and innovation. Michael was part of the glass blowing program at Central Washington University in the early 70’s.  Since the late 1980’s he has worked extensively with glass, having developed and refined a technique for “painting with glass” that uses crushed glass (frit) in combination kiln fired methods. He refers to this process as fritography.  Michael pioneered many kiln forming processes, especially in the area of mold making and kiln casting. He has done design work for Bullseye Glass, was a guest artist and instructor at Camp Colton, and his creative input is well featured in Boyce Lundstrom’s books on art glass techniques. His work is highly collectible and his numerous public and private commissions include projects for the Washington and Oregon State Arts Commissions, The Everett Cultural Commission, The Seattle Times, The Pierce County Arts Commission, and the Seattle Mariners.

Maximum Class Size: 12

Minimum Class Size: 7


Indre McCraw: Glass Painting

Full Day $275.00

The class is open to painters of all levels. It will cover the painting techniques that I most regularly use with the goal of sharing how I paint openly and candidly. Prepare create spontaneous pieces during class (we will use visual reference) as I strongly believe in drawing and everyone having a particular point of view. Please bring brushes, otherwise, inform us if you’ll need brushes for the workshop.

Indre has been a glass painter and designer for over twenty years. Indre graduated with a BFA in Illustration and Art Education in 1994 from Parsons School of Design. In 1996, after working as a textile designer in NYC’s fashion district, she became the third apprentice and Kress Foundation fellow of the St Ann’s stained glass conservation program where she had first been introduced to the field as an intern in 1993. While training in conservation techniques, it became clear that her interest and aptitude were specifically geared towards stained glass replication painting.  Indre has replicated work for the Stanford White Cottage in Montauk; The Thomas Edison House in New Jersey; and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, most notably for the Langon Chapel at the Cloisters. In addition to the conservation training, Indre continued to create personal works in stained glass, and in a variety of drawing and printmaking media. She continued study after graduating Parsons at the New York Art Students League where she is now a lifelong member. Indre works in a variety of painting techniques on glass. Her original painting and design work can be seen at Princeton University’s Ivy Club, Yale University, and at Temple Beth Or in Maple Glen, PA. In 2016, Indre accepted a position as head painter and paint department manager for Judson Studios in Los Angeles.

Maximum Class Size: 10

Minimum Class Size: 4


Glass Bubble Project: Glass Blowing & Welding

Full Day. $275.00

Two workshops offered as an all-day class. Students will learn glass blowing basics including how to work safely in the studio, how to gather from the furnace, and how to use the primary tools. This glass blowing experience includes the creation of 1 solid and 2 blown art glass pieces with the assistance of a Glass Bubble Project instructor. You will also learn the basics of MIG welding, torch, and plasma cutter. Come to us with your ideas and we can help you build it. Project ideas include garden sculpture, robot, decorative wall art, etc.

Glass Bubble Project in Ohio City is Cleveland’s premier studio and gallery for glass, metal work, and sustainable art.

Maximum Class Size: 10

Minimum Class Size: 4


Friday, June 22

Karl Traut: Design with Lamberts

Half Day $180.00

Architectural Art Glass always is part of the architecture and will interact with its environment.
Therefore, it is reasonable to pay attention to the surrounding architectural situation.

For the concept of a design, it is of importance in what situation the Art Glass will be observed, for instance, while just passing by, like when installed at railway stations or airports, or in a contemplative environment, like churches or museums.

During this workshop, I will introduce various architectural situations and equivalent approaches and strategies for the design development. The consideration of the use of the architectural environment already leads to an idea of the approach to the design. I will present several examples, some of the successful solutions, some of the less successful ones, to be discussed. In addition, different techniques for drafting designs will be presented and discussed. These examples and the, hopefully lively, discussions of the various design concepts, will create a deep understanding of architecture and the appropriate Art Glass design.

Maximum Class Size: 10

Minimum Class Size: 4

Tony Glander, Fitzpatrick Glass Studios: Screen Printing on Glass

½ Day $180.00

Whether you are doing stained, fused or mosaic, come to learn how to add imagery to your glass art!! We’ll spend time printing from a variety of screens with everything from words to photographic images.  We’ll cover the basic tools and techniques you’ll need to do screen printing on your own.  We’ll cover the different types of glass paints and mediums that can be used. We’ll tell you how to take this easy-to-learn technique home and make your own screens with your images quickly and easily.  Students will complete 2 projects to be taken home to complete.

Tony Glander started as Glass Fantasies in Olde Towne Gaithersburg in 1990.  Glass Fantasies was a store front that offered stained glass classes and supplies as well as commission work and a glass gallery featuring glass blown items from around the United States.  Classes ranged from beginner to advanced in a large variety of glass art techniques.  Special workshops feature the industry’s best artists such as Peter McGrain, Ken Leap, Gil Reynolds, Newy Fagan and Dan Fenton. In 2002, Tony closed the store front and opened Fitzpatrick Glass Studios at his home and another studio in the City of Gaithersburg’s newly renovated Arts Barn.  The new studios focuses on classes and custom work.  Tony is currently the president of the AGG.


Maximum Class Size: 12

Minimum Class Size: 5

Graham Fox, Whitney Stained Glass: Repairing Stained Glass

½ Day $180.00

The workshop will go over plans of attack and techniques for repair of one or several broken pieces in finished, such as older, framed panels. From ball shaped holes or cracks in cabinet door glass to broken lamps and working in situ: we’re going to talk and get hands on with zinc, lead and copper foil, what you might come across that needs repair, proper materials for setting panels and the ways to make it look like it was never broken at all.

Graham hailed from New England and Washington, DC, but happily came to Cleveland five years ago for full-time stained glass restoration and fabrication work with Whitney Stained Glass Studio. His original work includes both cast and traditional stained and leaded glass pieces. Recently, he’s been doing more deep relief kiln casting featuring action figures and other images, but he’s equally at home glazing and repairing all manner of glass objects, including lamps as well as wood and metal frame renovation. He’s also very much a cat person and likes playing music.

Maximum Class Size: 12

Minimum Class Size: 2


Bohle, Glass Strategies: Laminating with Bohle 2K Silicone

Half Day $180.00  Materials Fee $15.00

Half day intensive class working with 2K Silicone. You will learn techniques to mix and apply the silicone while making your own project piece.

Maximum Class Size: 10

Minimum Class Size: 4