Bradford Anderson, AGG Secretary

Bradford AndersonAlthough his work is not directly related to the stained glass industry per se, Bradford considers himself to be in a very much-related field, as a church organist. As an organist of 30+ years he has had the privilege and enjoyment of experiencing the beauty of many stained glass windows from the vantage of organ consoles throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. Through the years of practice and service playing, Bradford’s enjoyment and interest in the art of stained glass grew until one day he found himself taking a stained glass class taught by Nick Parrendo. In that same class, Bradford had the wonderful privilege of meeting such glass artists as Kathy Jordan, Hallie Monroe, Dick Millard among others, who helped to solidify his love of the medium and the people that work in it.

Through the last few years subsequent classes allowed him further study with Kathy Jordan, Jim Whitney, Kenneth Leap and most recently Debora Coombs; all incredible artists and fantastic instructors. It was through his stained glass friends that Bradford learned of and eventually joined the AGG.

We now welcome him as a new Board Member and our new Secretary