The AGG Joseph Barnes Award

This year’s recipient of The 2017 AGG Joseph Barnes Award was Dennis & Janet Dailey of DHD Metals, Conyers, Georgia. “Dennis has extensive knowledge of the industry such that he is able to explain its history and give guidance to us about the nature of the lead used in older windows” said Rick Prigg.

Dailey and his wife Janice acquired DHD Metals from White Metals Corp. in 1990. “Our plan was to use Janice’s customer service and my engineering skills to provide the trade with high-quality products and good service” said Dailey, and they have acquired just that reputation. He has worked with many restoration artists to reproduce the unusual dies necessary to restore the work of innovators such as John La Farge and Louis Comfort Tiffany, always with a smile and positive attitude. Dailey is a humble man who would never presume to deserve to be honored with such an award, but he was adamant that he could


The AGG Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award

Mary Clerkin Higgins received the AGG Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award for her vast contributions and her dedication to improving stained glass works and the community.

Higgins moved to New York City to attend Fordham University at Lincoln Center. Immediately after graduating in 1976, she began an apprenticeship at the renowned Greenland Studio in Manhattan, where she learned the craft and conservation of stained glass. Interested in both the creation of new work and the conservation of masterworks from the past, she studied glass painting and chemistry to augment her many years of work at the bench.

After ten years at Greenland, Higgins opened her own studio in Brooklyn in 1986. She continues to work on a full range of projects, which this past year included two panels from the North Rose of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, and a new window for a chapel in North Carolina.

The artist’s new work has been selected for the New Glass Review 36 by The Corning Museum of Glass and received a 2014 AGNX award from the jurors of American Glass Now. Her contemporary stained glass designs have been created for secular and religious settings from apartments on Central Park West in New York City to the Chapel at the Cloister at Sea Island, Georgia. She also worked closely with artist Rowan LeCompte on a number of projects and participated in the film Let There Be Light about LeCompte’s last window created for the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Higgins has presented at numerous conferences in the states and abroad as well as giving workshops on stained glass conservation. In addition, her conservation work on stained glass from the 12th to the 21st centuries may be seen in public and private collections across North America.

One of the five founders of the American Glass Guild, Higgins was its president for two terms, program chair for three conferences, and editor of the five published conference proceedings. She is also founder and has served as organizer for five years of the juried show American Glass Now. Higgins takes great satisfaction in knowing that the AGG has made a positive difference in the field of stained glass and that she has been a part of that project from its inception.

The deadline for 2017 AGG Award nominations is February 1, 2017.

The Board of Directors of the AGG seeks nominations from its members for awards in the following categories:

The AGG Joseph Barnes Award was established by the American Glass Guild in 2008 and is a service award presented to individuals who serve the glass community with a kindness toward others and an enthusiasm for the glass industry.  Artists, conservators, craftspeople, art historians, etc., are eligible.

The AGG Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2013 and acknowledges distinguished accomplishment and service over the whole of a career by those in the stained-glass field.   Recipients inspire us with their vision, achievement, standards and leadership.  Artists, conservators, craftspeople, art historians, etc., are eligible.

 The AGG Inspiration Award was established in 2014 and is awarded to individuals or groups finding creative ways of promoting stained glass within their communities or to the general public. It honors individuals or groups that have made a difference in their own life and have inspired others along the way.

 The AGG Excellence in Conservation Award was established in 2009 and is awarded to individuals who strive for high standards in the field of conservation.  It is an opportunity to highlight some of the incredible and innovative stained conservation successes, as well as recognize and thank stained glass artists for their hard work and dedication to saving past work.

Members should send their nominations to, with “AGG Award Nomination” in the subject line. Please include several paragraphs about the person you are nominating and why you feel they deserve to be honored.  Award will be presented at the American Glass Guild Conference.

Past Award Recipients

Barbara Krueger – 2016 Joseph Barnes Award – Krueger poured much of her abundant energy into building the AGG community over its first 10 years.  Many know her as a mainstay of the AGG Bulletin Board, where she frequently posts articles of interest for discussion.  Krueger has been an integral part of, and now Director of, the Michigan Stained Glass Census

Charles Z. Lawrence – 2015 Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award – Lawrence is widely respected for his achievement in architectural stained glass design, including installations at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Peter McGrain – 2014 Joseph Barnes Award  –  McGrain has spent much of his career inspiring others through his enthusiastic teaching of the craft.  His method of combining stained glass painting and fusing, as well as his unique style of illustration, is known and appreciated by many in the field.

Narcissus Qualiata – 2014 Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award – Quagliata is internationally recognized for his design work in stained glass, and more his recently fused glass panels, and major architectural installations. He was Keynote Speaker at the 2014 AGG Conference in Bryn Athyn, PA.

The Stained Glass Project: Windows That Open Doors – 2014 Inspiration Award – The Stained Glass Project is a not-for-profit outreach program serving disadvantaged high school youth in Philadelphia, PA (  Its after-school program serves teens by providing a family-like environment and mentoring while teaching basic stained glass crafting.  Windows made by the teens are then donated and installed at needy schools and other locales around the country and across the globe.

Jack Cushen – 2013 Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award 

Crosby Willet – 2013 Nicholas Parrendo Lifetime Achievement Award – 

Sylvia Nicolas – 2012 Joseph Barnes Award Nicolas is a fourth generation master stained glass artist. Her father, Joep Nicolas, known as “the father of modern stained glass”, was also an accomplished painter, as is his daughter. Nicolas studied extensively in Europe, and in the U.S. with painter Rufino Tamayo and sculptor Ossip Zadkine. Her works range from stage sets and 24-foot high stained glass windows for churches to terra cotta sculptures that can be held in one hand. All bear the unmistakable stamp of excellence. Nicolas, also an accomplished costume designer and mosaicist, considers herself a keen observer of human nature. Her works delve into the passions, psychology and humor of the human condition, touching people with their universal appeal.

Dan Fenton – 2011 Joseph Barnes Award  Over his forty years in glass, Fenton touched thousands of students, artists, colleagues and collectors with his deep generosity, intelligence, artistry, creativity and free spirit. It is for these myriad reasons that the American Glass Guild recognized Fenton for the Joseph Barnes Award. Dan embodied the same work ethic, love of his fellow man and dedication to the craft that we have all come to love in Joe Barnes.

Rowan LeCompte – 2010 Joseph Barnes Award LeCompte was recognized as AGG Senior Advisor, and for his many contributions to the art of stained glass. Rowan is best known for his extensive work at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. for which he made his first window at the age of 16.

Melville Greenland – 2009 – Achievement Award for Excellence in Conservation – Greenland’s integrity and high standards in craftsmanship and conservation set the bar very high. He trained many well-known conservators and completed over 170 major commissions during his career.

Nicholas Parrendo – 2009 Joseph Barnes Award Parrendo, beloved AGG Senior Advisor, was recognized for his artistry in glass and his many years educating and encouraging other stained-glass artists.

Joseph Barnes – 2008 Joseph Barnes Award – Barnes was the first recipient of an AGG Award, recognized for his many years of service to the field. He served as the unofficial “Chairman of the Board” of the Stained Glass Division at S.A. Bendheim, Co. in Passaic, NJ and earlier at Leo J. Popper and Sons in New York City.