Artist Nonnie Lyketsos

Like many glass artists, Nonnie Lyketsos’ enthusiasm for the medium as a whole began with an interest in stained glass specifically. She remembers holding her infant daughter in her arms in church one Sunday morning over two decades ago. The baby woke up to see sunlight streaming through a stained glass window, creating an intense glow of light and color, which enabled Nonnie to see the beauty with fresh eyes herself. Her journey in glass began shortly thereafter.

Working in stained glass for the next decade eventually morphed into working in fused glass. Nonnie feels fortunate to have studied under many gifted teachers at Vitrum Studio, Weisser Studio, and the Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass. Her current body of work has several lines: small best-selling florals that are carried in shops around the United States, functional fused glass dinnerware that has the look of stained glass, and fine art florals that are carried at the Corning Museum of Glass gift shop and in private collections.

“Artwork can serve a variety of purposes, “ says Nonnie. “Sometimes it’s made to communicate spiritual ideas, political thoughts, or social messages. At other times, art work like mine hopes simply to add a little spot of beauty to a broken world.”