Artist Marie Foucault-Phipps

Marie Foucault-Phipps

Marie Foucault, a French native, embarked on a two-week trip to the USA in 1984 and never left.  After graduating from ENSAAMA International School in Paris, Marie worked with several studios in France and the USA on historical buildings and museum collections.  She was chosen by CVMA to inventory and chart pre-1700 stained glass panels from the collection of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Pisa Duoma, Italy.  She then worked at the renowned Mel Greenland Studio.

Having found glass conservation to be a “tight” process, Marie likes to unleash herself in the making of her commissions and exhibition work, where freedom of gesture is in full swing.  She now lives and works in Colorado.


“On my pieces I like to work with two facets of the glass — using the light passing through the piece as one facet and the light reflecting off of it as another.”