Artist David Fode

After studying illustration in Chicago, David Fode began his art career in 1991, illustrating periodicals throughout the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. He changed his focus to glass in 1999, and has worked for several major stained glass studios since. With a focus on the traditional painting techniques of the 19th century, he has designed and painted stained glass windows for residences, churches and various public spaces. His work can be found in England, Australia, Moscow, Canada and throughout the US. While being associated with several studios including his own, HaeuserHeil Studios, he currently is the head painter and designer for Gaytee Stained Glass in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“I have always had a fascination with how a stained glass window can have a completely different feel according to the time of day it is viewed; there are not many mediums that have that power. Regarding the windows I make for churches, it is always wonderful to hear the parishioners compliment them, and talk about how generations will turn to them for inspiration. This idea of longevity keeps me on the path of making every window to the best of my ability, whether it’s for a cathedral or a kitchen.”