2018 Nominee Statements

2018 Nominee Statements

 Submitted by:Maria Serpentino, 2018 Nominating Committee Chair

Don Burt

I’m an amateur glass artist from Wyoming, OH. I’ve been an AGG member since 2007. I’ve served as the Chairperson of the AGG Membership Committee since 2013 and have served on the AGG Board for the past year. I would like the opportunity to serve another term on the Board. Our membership numbers continue to grow, and there will be challenges ahead in meeting the requirements of managing a larger organization. I can bring to the AGG Board some experience and perspective as an IT professional in a large insurance company that can be valuable when implementing new processes and technologies. On a personal level, I tend to advocate an environment of openness and an obsession with sharing knowledge and access to information. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions about the AGG, the Membership Committee, or any topic at all.


Cynthia Courage

I graduated with a B.B.A. in Marketing from Southwest Texas State University, and I have spent the past 30 years working in commercial stained glass. 16 years ago I bought the business/studio, which specializes in historical conservation/preservation/new works and just about anything New Orleans stained glass. I have worked on most of the historical churches here in New Orleans. This year we have worked on several area churches and some further away, doing restoration jobs that are somewhat challenging. I never know what the next problem will be, but we find a way to fix it. I have worked fire damage, flood damage, improper installations, oversized structural issues, movie company damage, and other unrelated failure issues, along with constant repair work. I have worked on French, Italian, German, Belgium, English, Spanish, American, and some unknown windows. I personally do a lot of consulting with heads of facilities or architects regarding the installations or removals. We have a new chapel to produce this fall. My background has been continuous work in the preservation of historical glass and the local residential market. I have been a speaker/presenter numerous times, for the AGG, SGAA, and here locally for the Preservation Resource Committee, two stained glass tours per year.

Since joining the American Glass Guild, the same year as the devastating storm “Katrina”, I have had new opportunities to further educate myself in glass. I have been able to take numerous classes/workshops with master Artists of glass and have built up friendships that I will take to my grave. I am thankful for the networking and strength that the Guild provides, and I believe that it is my responsibility as an artist to give back and nurture the next generations, as much as I am able. I would like to be able to share my knowledge and opinions with my fellow artists and continue to grow, explore new ideas, and educate the body of our group. I look forward to Co-hosting the SGAA and AGG conference in San Antonio 2019. I am proud to be a member of the AGG and look forward to working, recruiting new members, and contributing to this talented group!


David Fode

I have been working in stained glass since 1999. I have done just about everything relating to the field, including removal, restoration, and installation of historic windows, but I get the most personal satisfaction from designing and painting new windows.  Aside from working for and in conjunction with several large-scale studios, I also have my own studio, HaeuserHeil Studios, at which I work on smaller scale projects, sometimes very small scale. I focus on the German style of realistic painting and do my best to emulate the work of Franz Meyer, FX Zettler, etc. This October, I will be teaching a week-long class at Ed Hoy’s International in traditional painting.

I have been a member of the AGG since 2009 if memory serves (which it often doesn’t – occupational hazard). I very much enjoy the spirit of camaraderie and sharing of ideas and information that comes with being a member, and I would love to contribute in any way the AGG sees that I am fit, and am very thankful for the opportunity.


Tony Glander

I have been working in glass professionally for 28 years.  I started in a typical “storefront” studio doing public classes and commissions.  In 2001, I closed the store and continued a commission and teaching studio.  I have enjoyed learning from many glass artists in a variety of glass techniques, from stained glass painting to fused and blown glass.

I have been a member of the AGG from the beginning and have enjoyed seeing the growth and benefiting from networking with fellow members over the years.  I have been on the board since 2013.  I was Conference Chair for the 2015 conference in Washington DC which included coordinating a public day at the National Cathedral.  I have also written the articles for Glass Art Magazine for the AGG.  I have been the President of the AGG for the last 2 years.

It is an exciting time to be involved with the AGG.  Both this year’s Cleveland conference and the 2019 conference all have hard-working people behind them with great energy.  I am proud to be a part of this organization and look forward to helping move it forward!


Vic Rothman

After graduating from college with a degree in marketing & management and spending a few years managing record stores, I saw a stained glass demonstration at a craft show and decided that I could do that. My hobby soon spun out of control and I found myself selling small items at craft shows and wholesaling to stores in the northeast. Ten years later, I was managing Glassmasters Guild in New York City, teaching classes and doing small commissions. This lasted for about five years when I took an entry-level position at the Greenland Studio, the best restoration studio in the country. This is where my real education in stained glass began. Within a couple of years, I became the shop foreman. After Greenland closed in 1991, I opened my own studio.  Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have worked on a number of La Farge and Tiffany window restorations, museum jobs, and new fabrications. I’ve attended many international stained glass restoration conferences (co-authored a paper at one), have been on the restoration and education committees of the Stained Glass Association of America, and belong to various trade and restoration groups.  I am one of the Founding Directors of the American Glass Guild, was the Scholarship Chair for a few years and was Program Chair for the AGG Ashville Conference.  So I have dabbled in all areas of stained glass.

With the times being what they are in the stained glass industry I felt it was time to GET OFF MY FAT ASS and try to do something constructive.