Bus Tour

Rochester Institute of Technology – Nancy Gong (photo credit: Don Cochran Photography)

Rochester Stained and Architectural Art Glass Tour

Sunday, May 21st    1:00-5:30 pm

Tour Gude: Valeria O’Hara of Pike Studio

Bus Transportation included in $45 ticket price.  Space is limited to 44 people.

Tour historic and contemporary stained and art glass installations around Rochester.

  • Christ Episcopal Church: Henry Sharp, Louis Comfort Tiffany windows and mosaics, Gorham, Rambusch, Pike
  • Third Presbyterian Church: Tiffany, Louis Chapin, Redding, Baird & Co., Charles Allen, David Maitland Armstrong, Willett, Pike – 3 generations
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church: Henry Sharp, Willett, Tiffany windows and mosaics
  • Incarnate World: Willet faceted glass, Helen Treadwell – Contemporary Mosaics
  • Rochester Museum & Science Center: Peter McGrain, Nancy Gong – Contemporary
  • Greek Orthodox Church: 20th C Greek windows and mosaics, Pike 3rd generation
  • Asbury United Methodist Church: Willet & Pike
  • U of R Interfaith Chapel: Lawrence/Willett
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: Innovation Center-Nancy Gong – Contemporary, Rare Books Library-Valerie O’Hara
  • Blessed Sacrament Church: Pike 1st generation 1912



Rochester International Airport – Peter McGrain                          Asbury Church (Willet Studios)



Christ Church                                                                                           Third Presbyterian Church – Pike Studios



Genesee Center for the Arts – Nancy Gong                                         Greek Orthodox Church